Flutter Tutorial: Building An Expense Manager App – 5

This is the fifth part of Flutter tutorial series where we are building an Expenses Manager app. Introduction We have already created functionalities to create new category and get all categories previously. Now, in this part of the complete Flutter tutorial series, we will add features for: Deleting category item from a list Built Value […]

Flutter Tutorial: Building An Expense Manager App – 2

This is the second part of Expenses Manager app in Flutter tutorial series. We will learn to use built_value and built_collection in this part. Introduction In the previous post, we started out building the Expense Manager app. In this post, we will continue the development where we left off. We will add features to manage […]

Flutter: Running Migrations On SQLite

In this post we will learn about adding migrations on an existing SQLite database in Flutter. Introduction As we know, data models that represent the database tables can often change during the development of an app. Maybe you need to add new column or update or delete one. When you make changes on the data […]