Integrate Solr Instance With .NET Core

In this post, we will learn to integrate Solr instance with .net core application. We will first introduce Solr based client-server architecture to understand how data should reside for Solr based search support. Then we will setup a Solr instance to run on a Docker container. Finally, we will write code to connect to this […]

Connect .NET Core With PostgreSQL On A Docker Container

In this post, we will learn to quickly setup a .NET core app to connect with PostgreSQL database on a docker container environment. We will setup PostgreSQL with Docker Compose to have persistent data volume. Then we will connect to that database with the help of Entity Framework on a .NET core web API. Setup […]

Adding Migrations On Entity Framework .NET Core

In this post we will look at adding migrations on entity framework .net core applications. Introduction In our previous post, we looked at how we can setup our .net core app with entity framework code first approach. We will continue with the same DbContext and User entity that was created in the previous post for […]

Entity Framework Code First Approach With .NET Core

In this post we will look at how we can use Entity Framework code first approach with .NET Core application. Introduction Entity Framework is the most popular Object Relational Mapper (ORM) built for .NET framework. It enables developers to work with different databases using .NET objects eliminating the need to write lower level database access […]