Flutter vs React Native

We have already introduced Flutter in our previous post and now in this post we will talk about Flutter vs React Native. We will contrast major differences between Flutter and React Native regarding Performance, Ecosystem Support, Ease in Development, etc. We will also draw some similarities as well. 1. Ecosystem Flutter was released on December, […]

Flutter: Working With BLoC using Reactive Programming

In this tutorial, we will learn Managing App State in Flutter using BLoC pattern and Reactive Programming Rx. We will use Shopping Cart as an example in this post. What is BLoC Pattern? BLoC stands for Business Logic Pattern in which you put all your business logic side implementation in one place that receives events/data […]

Listen To Internet Connection State In Flutter App

In this post, we will learn how we can update the app state according to the device’s network connection state in Flutter. Introduction In any app that requires internet connection, we must always check whether the device is connected with the internet or not. If there is no internet connection, user should be notified that […]

What is Flutter?

In this post we will get to know what is flutter. Introduction Flutter is an open-sourced mobile application Software Development Kit (SDK) created by Google to build beautiful Native Apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase. It uses Dart as programming language. Open Source: You can study, change and redistribute Flutter source code […]

Navigation When There Is No Context

In this post we will learn a technique on how to perform navigation in when there is no context available. Introduction As we learned in the previous post on Navigation and Routing, in Flutter we can perform navigation with the help of Navigator class. We looked at some of the basic methods for Navigation which […]

Flutter: Inherited Widget Basics

In this post you will learn about maintaining app state in Flutter app with the help of Inherited Widget. Introduction If you have ever worked on app using state management you must have had problem passing the state from root parent node down to leaf nodes (or child of child of child). Consider a shopping […]

Introduction To Navigation And Routing

In this article, we will look at the basics of routing and navigation in Flutter. We will learn how to setup routing in our app so that we can navigate via navigation methods like: push pushNamed pop popUntil Introduction Navigating in Flutter is done with the help of the Navigator class that manages a stack […]