Detect Keyboard Visibility In Flutter App

In this post, we will learn how we can detect keyboard visibility in flutter application. Introduction In Flutter, user input fields like TextField automatically pops up keyboard when in focus. Similarly, the keyboard hides itself when you move the focus to a different widget or press back button. Now, if you want to keep track […]

Shortcut Keyboard For TextField Widget

In this post, we will add a shortcut keyboard for TextField widget in Flutter app. Introduction Let’s say you have a user input field where users type in certain data. If user has to type a certain word or character frequently, you might want to provide a shortcut to such texts. For an example, users […]

Implement BLoC Pattern With TextField

In this post we will learn to implement BLoC pattern with TextField of a Flutter app. We will use also use StreamController to receive user input and StreamHandler to show an error message if input is not valid. Introduction BLoC pattern is the preferred State Management pattern when developing mobile apps with Flutter. If you […]

Flutter TextField Decoration In Depth

In this post we will learn everything there is to learn about Flutter Textfield decoration. Introduction A TextField in Flutter is a basic input field that allows users to enter text. It is one of the most fundamental widgets in Flutter. Yet there is so much to do with it. Create A TextField For the […]