Generating Random Values In Dart

In this post, we will learn to generate various kinds of random values in Dart for your Flutter application. As a bonus, we will cover generating a random number including both positive and negative numbers. Introduction Often we need to work with random values in our application. Maybe we need to generate a random number […]

JSON Serialization In Dart/Flutter With Built_Value

In this post, we will learn about JSON serialization in Dart/Flutter with Built_Value library. We will setup a serializer and see it in action. Introduction We have already covered introduction to built_value and it’s implementation detail in our previous posts. Now we are ready to jump into JSON serialization in dart/flutter with the built_value library. […]

How To Use Built_Value Library In Flutter

In this post we will learn how to use built_value library in Flutter applications. We will break down the steps that you need to understand when working with built_value library in detail. Introduction We have already introduced what built value types are in our previous post. We also looked at why they are of importance […]

Introduction To Built_Value Library In Dart

This post is an introduction to built_value library in Dart. We will go over what problem this library is solving in Dart and Flutter applications. Introduction Although Dart is an excellent programming language, the dart classes and enums aren’t very much efficient. They suffer from quite a few drawbacks like serialization, immutability and object comparison. […]

Implements v/s Extends v/s With Keywords In Dart

In this post, we will go cover use cases for implements, extends and with keywords. Implements v/s Extends v/s With keywords in Dart. Introduction If you are developing a Flutter application, you should have seen a lot of use cases for implements, extends and with keywords. For someone who has never worked with Dart before, […]