Implement BLoC Pattern With TextField

In this post we will learn to implement BLoC pattern with TextField of a Flutter app. We will use also use StreamController to receive user input and StreamHandler to show an error message if input is not valid. Introduction BLoC pattern is the preferred State Management pattern when developing mobile apps with Flutter. If you […]

Quick Setup Of BLoC Pattern In Flutter

This post lists exact steps for quick setup of BLoC pattern in Flutter app. Introduction We have already talked about working with BLoC pattern in depth in our previous post. So this post is not going to be a long one but rather a “quick” setup guide as the title suggests. Setup For BLoC Pattern […]

Flutter: Working With BLoC using Reactive Programming

In this tutorial, we will learn Managing App State in Flutter using BLoC pattern and Reactive Programming Rx. We will use Shopping Cart as an example in this post. What is BLoC Pattern? BLoC stands for Business Logic Pattern in which you put all your business logic side implementation in one place that receives events/data […]