Getting Started With MongoDB On Windows

In this post we will learn how we can quickly install and get started with MongoDB on Windows platform. We will also setup to run MongoDB commands from anywhere. Downloading MongoDB on Windows Download a community version of MongoDB from the official download site: Once you download the MSI executable package, you should be […]

Quick Setup Of BLoC Pattern In Flutter

This post lists exact steps for quick setup of BLoC pattern in Flutter app. Introduction We have already talked about working with BLoC pattern in depth in our previous post. So this post is not going to be a long one but rather a “quick” setup guide as the title suggests. Setup For BLoC Pattern […]

Adding Migrations On Entity Framework .NET Core

In this post we will look at adding migrations on entity framework .net core applications. Introduction In our previous post, we looked at how we can setup our .net core app with entity framework code first approach. We will continue with the same DbContext and User entity that was created in the previous post for […]

Entity Framework Code First Approach With .NET Core

In this post we will look at how we can use Entity Framework code first approach with .NET Core application. Introduction Entity Framework is the most popular Object Relational Mapper (ORM) built for .NET framework. It enables developers to work with different databases using .NET objects eliminating the need to write lower level database access […]

Flutter vs React Native

We have already introduced Flutter in our previous post and now in this post we will talk about Flutter vs React Native. We will contrast major differences between Flutter and React Native regarding Performance, Ecosystem Support, Ease in Development, etc. We will also draw some similarities as well. 1. Ecosystem Flutter was released on December, […]

Flutter: Working With BLoC using Reactive Programming

In this tutorial, we will learn Managing App State in Flutter using BLoC pattern and Reactive Programming Rx. We will use Shopping Cart as an example in this post. What is BLoC Pattern? BLoC stands for Business Logic Pattern in which you put all your business logic side implementation in one place that receives events/data […]

Listen To Internet Connection State In Flutter App

In this post, we will learn how we can update the app state according to the device’s network connection state in Flutter. Introduction In any app that requires internet connection, we must always check whether the device is connected with the internet or not. If there is no internet connection, user should be notified that […]