Essential Day To Day GIT Commands

As the title suggests, this post will cover all the essential day to day GIT commands that you will need on a daily basis. Introduction Tired of looking around for the essential GIT commands? Well look no further. Go ahead and bookmark this page. Here we will cover all the essential GIT commands that you […]

Generating Random Values In Dart

In this post, we will learn to generate various kinds of random values in Dart for your Flutter application. As a bonus, we will cover generating a random number including both positive and negative numbers. Introduction Often we need to work with random values in our application. Maybe we need to generate a random number […]

Introduction To Version Control System

This post is an introduction to version control system. We will look at different types of version control system and compare them. Introduction Almost all developers use some sort of Version Control System (VCS). A VCS helps a team to keep track of changes to the source code made over time. If you are completely […]

Detect Keyboard Visibility In Flutter App

In this post, we will learn how we can detect keyboard visibility in flutter application. Introduction In Flutter, user input fields like TextField automatically pops up keyboard when in focus. Similarly, the keyboard hides itself when you move the focus to a different widget or press back button. Now, if you want to keep track […]

Adding Packages In Flutter App

In this post we will look at the various ways for adding packages in Flutter application. Introduction To add a new package to a Flutter application, we need to add a reference to it as a dependency in the pubspec.yaml file. There are different ways to add packages in a Flutter application. Mainly, you can […]

Shortcut Keyboard For TextField Widget

In this post, we will add a shortcut keyboard for TextField widget in Flutter app. Introduction Let’s say you have a user input field where users type in certain data. If user has to type a certain word or character frequently, you might want to provide a shortcut to such texts. For an example, users […]

Integrate Solr Instance With .NET Core

In this post, we will learn to integrate Solr instance with .net core application. We will first introduce Solr based client-server architecture to understand how data should reside for Solr based search support. Then we will setup a Solr instance to run on a Docker container. Finally, we will write code to connect to this […]

Flutter Tutorial: Building An Expense Manager App – 6

This is the sixth part of Expenses Manager app Flutter tutorial series where we are building an Expenses Manager app. Introduction In the previous post, we completed all the functionalities of creating Category. In this part of our Flutter tutorial, we will add features for working with expenses. We will design the home page and […]